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Torwin Case Studies: The Secret to Great Customer Service

At Torwin, we pride ourselves in providing “The Torwin Touch” for our customers. This means going the extra mile for every step and making the customer service experience the main priority when bringing a vision to life.

Our onboarding process is detailed and meticulous – we’ve perfected a client-friendly system to ensure we take everything into account, from specific guests to budget to job specs when presenting you with mockups. We want to help you visualize your choices so you’re confident when deciding.

Once you’ve made your final selections, we work to make your door and window installation dreams come true, relying on our decades of experience to deliver a customer-first experience, one where you’re well-informed about the timeline and every step of the process.

We’ve got two case studies below so you can see how it all comes together with a couple of our real-life clients.

The Torwin Touch – Striving for the Best in Customer Service

The Challenge – Amy and Marcus

These clients had something very particular in mind. As two professionals in creative fields, Amy and Marcus had exacting expectations for their front door and garage door installation. This two-part job was highly custom, involving non-standard specifications.

Case Study 1

Our Process

Our design team started with a consultation to get an idea of what the clients were looking for. Amy and Marcus’ garage doors were arched, but they wanted a cleaner look with straight lines. They had similar hopes for their front door, looking for a sleek and modern update to match their aesthetic. We sent a team member to their home to assess the job and make the appropriate measurements.

Based on this info, we provided renderings and mockups that we felt would match their vision., Then, we prepared a selection of options at different price points for them to choose from. Amy and Marcus had very clear ideas on how they wanted their doors to look, and thanks to our large selection with customizable options, they were able to choose a product that met their needs and fulfilled their vision.

The Result

We assign a project manager to all our jobs, but given the complexity of the task involved, we assigned our Senior Crew Chief to this project. He oversaw all the details required to achieve a stellar result. This required coordinating everything from the schedule to parts order and delivery, not to mention the work involved in reshaping the garage entry. In addition, we made sure Amy and Marcus were kept in the loop regarding timelines, budget, and progress from start to finish.

torwin case study 1

Thanks to great clients and our dedication to quality work, we had a seamless installation process on-site and brought Amy and Marcus’ dream window and door design to reality. It is a perfect example of what we aim for with The Torwin Touch!

The Challenge – Matt and Kaila

These clients were looking for a customized entryway that would be cohesive with their home’s exterior while still making a statement. But Matt and Kaila weren’t exactly sure how to go about it. Did they want an oversized door with two large sidelights? Or did they want double doors with two average-sized sidelights?

Case study 2 image2

The Process

We initiated a consultation process to get a better idea of what Matt and Kaila were looking for. After, we made a site visit to collect measurement and to ensure that their preliminary colour choices would work with the existing facade and overall look of their home. We provided a slate of options for them, complete with renderings and mockups, at different price points and styles for them to choose from.

Once they had made their final decisions, we sent our installer out to meet with them again and measure before making any orders. We wanted Mark and Kaila to have an opportunity to ask any last-minute questions and feel comfortable with the whole process.

The Result

We put in an order for a customized product based on their specifications. Because of the large size of their entryway, the project manager had to engage in some logistics planning to ensure the right people were there to oversee delivery and unloading.

We made sure no detail was overlooked during the door installation process, keeping Mark and Kaila informed as we do with all our customers. When the job was completed, they had a set of beautiful double doors with sidelights for their home.

Case study 2 image3

At Torwin, we strive for the type of next-level satisfaction that can only come from a job done perfectly and providing excellent customer service. Let us show you the difference the Torwin Touch can make for your home.

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