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DIY Windows replacement: do you really need a professional?

We can probably all remember a time we were a little overconfident in our abilities. From a test you did not study for or showing up to an interview unprepared, hindsight is often 20/20. The same goes for home improvement projects. Indeed, renovations do not come cheap, and it is tempting to think you can save a few bucks if you do it yourself. But hiring an expert can help you get it done right the first time.

Even if you have watched the YouTube videos and read all the blog articles, you are likely not ready to handle a big job like window replacement, no matter how handy you are. Here are a few reasons why.


Your Lack of Experience

If you have a hard time hammering in a nail properly, this point is self-explanatory. Even if you are pretty handy, DIY window replacement could still be a daunting task. It involves far more than a few power tools and a paint roller. This is where having professionals, like the design and installation staff at Torwin, would be helpful.

With decades of experience in window replacement, they can give you suggestions on style and placement, things you likely would have never considered yourself. And there’s the convenience factor. Torwin’s skilled contractors can get your windows replaced fast – you won’t need to book off several weekends or part of the month to get this renovation done. Save yourself the effort and expense of doing it yourself when you can trust a professional to get it done quickly at a reasonable price.


More Work Than You Bargained For

Maybe replacing one window isn’t so bad. But the average home can have ten or more windows, which is a significant, time-consuming job if you’re doing it yourself, without any experience. And generally, if possible, it is ideal to replace all your windows at once, so the style and feel remain consistent for your home. If you only change a few, the model you chose may be discontinued or obsolete when it is time swap the others.

Sometimes even simple projects turn out to be more work than you bargained. For example, if you remove your window frames only to find mould or insect damage within the walls, would you know how best to tackle that problem? Would you end up having to call in a professional anyway? The installers at Torwin have seen it all and knows how to deal with a challenge.


Unexpected Expenses

A DIY job can end up costing more than a professional one. You’ll have to incur a one-time expense to buy the necessary tools and equipment, even though you won’t likely need to use them again. Then there are the windows themselves. Torwin’s relationships with suppliers ensure they can offer you the best possible value on top-of-the-line windows and accessories – prices and products you wouldn’t have access to at your nearest big box store. Finally, if you start your DIY job and realize you’re in over your head, it’ll cost you extra to call someone to fix what you’ve done. Save yourself the trouble when it comes to window replacement and gets the job done well.

At Torwin, we’re committed to your satisfaction in every aspect of the project, from cost to customer service, to the job itself. Let our skilled contractors help you achieve your window replacement dreams with ease.