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Winterizing your doors and windows in the gta

Winter is coming! More than just a catchy phrase from a hit TV show, it’s a reminder for homeowners to take on some basic maintenance and updates. We want to ensure our properties are ready for the cooler months. In particular, you’ll likely need to pay extra attention to your windows and doors to ensure they’re ready when the temperature drops—the large glass panes and frames can be a significant source of heat loss. Check out our guide on how to keep your home warm and cozy all winter.


Winterizing your windows and doors can be fairly quick if they’re in good shape. An easy way to find out if you need to give your fixtures a little boost to turn them into winter-ready doors and windows? Put your dampened hand along the seams and casings of your doors and windows on a cool day. If you feel a draft, pick up some adhesive weather stripping for a quick fix. Thoroughly clean and dry the areas the weather stripping will go and firmly apply it against the seams of your doors and windows.

If your energy bills are unusually high, it may be time to reapply the caulking around your windows and doors. Caulking lasts around five years before it needs to be redone. While you can apply a new coat over the existing caulking, it’s better to remove what’s there and start fresh. Recaulking your exterior openings can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency while giving your windows and doors a cleaner look.


For older homes or homes with older windows and doors, it may be a good idea to consider replacing them altogether. The fall months are a great time to start on a reno project to winterize your windows and doors by installing new, energy-efficient models. The weather is temperate enough, so it’s not a major inconvenience to have your windows and doors removed for a few hours.

At Torwin, we ensure improved winter performance for your new windows and doors by caulking with expanding foam. This product helps seal the exterior, creating a barrier to keep the cold air and transition your fixtures from summer-friendly to winter doors and windows. For top-notch energy efficiency, speak to us about our glass packages! We carry a large selection of glass at different performance levels. During our consultation with you, feel free to bring up any concerns—we can recommend a product that can optimize your home.

If you’re not sure whether you need new, winter-proof windows and doors or whether you can make do with what you have, talk to us! We’d be happy to help with the decision-making process by providing unbiased advice and giving you ideas on how best to winterize your windows and doors. If this means a complete replacement, rest assured we’ll provide options that fit your style and budget. Reach out to us to get started!