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Entry Doors

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Front Door Replacement: A Small Upgrade with Big Impact

When it comes to exterior doors in Toronto, homeowners might not always give their front door a second thought – provided it opens, closes, and locks. But even if that old front entry door is still working, it might be time to consider a professionally installed replacement.

When to Replace Your Entry Door

With care and maintenance, your entry door can last for decades. But there comes a time when replacing your exterior doors makes more sense than trying to make repairs.

Has that time come for your front door? Ask yourself:

  • Is my entry door weathered, scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged?
  • Are there cracks or breaks along the edges of my door? Within its panels? In the door frame?
  • Is my door letting a draft through?
  • Is the door level on its hinges?
  • Is it difficult to close and lock?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” it’s time to start considering front door replacement.

But don’t get hung up dwelling on the issues you have with your existing door! Instead, consider the advantages a new front door can bring! Every new Torwin entry door can bring energy efficiency, easy use, and extra curb appeal to your home!

Types of Front Entry Doors

So, what makes one front door different from the others? The biggest thing that sets them apart is the material they are constructed from. Wood doors, fiberglass doors, and steel doors are the most common. Each offers its own advantages and benefits that the Torwin Team is happy to help you understand!

Of course, while the material may be the foundation of your front door, there are other options to consider as well. The features and options, like colour, hardware, and decorative glass are the things that truly make it yours.

Replacing your front door may seem like a small upgrade, but it can bring a huge impact when it comes to curb appeal, increased security for your family, and, of course, improved energy efficiency.

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