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Hung Windows

Thanks to our full range of products and nearly 70 years of combined skill and service in the community, Torwin Windows and Doors is recognized as one of the highest-rated window suppliers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Let the Breeze in with New Hung Windows

Hung windows offer a classic architectural window style, especially popular for colonial homes, farmhouses, and other more traditional-style homes. That said, they are also popular for more modern homes and have become one of the most popular window styles available today.

Single Hung

Single hung windows are often the current standard window option used in new home construction, apartment buildings, and office spaces. These windows feature a movable bottom sash and are quite popular among homeowners. This style of window opens by sliding the bottom sash up. That means you can control the amount of incoming airflow.

Double Hung

Double hung windows differ from single hung in that they have two operating sashes. Both sashes tilt inwards for easy cleaning and maintenance. Homeowners with multi-level homes can tilt the sashes inward to easily clean both the interior and exterior with ease.

This style is ideal for homes with traditional architectural styles.

Both styles of hung windows offer superior energy efficiency, exceptional ventilation, and are a breeze to maintain. If you’re looking to add new hung windows in Toronto or the surrounding area, look no further than Torwin!