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Patio Doors

We have nearly 35 years of dedicated experience in the community and a full range of patio doors in our Toronto area showroom. This, coupled with our award-winning service and the skill of our installation teams, has made Torwin Windows & Doors a top-rated patio door installation team!

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors, especially those made with vinyl, offer superior strength and are nearly maintenance-free. But the advantages of sliding patio doors go further than simply ease-of-use.

This style of patio door is not only beautiful in its own right, it also offers huge, unobstructed views of your yard and the world beyond.

Garden Doors

Garden patio doors offer a variety of styles and functions. They can be installed with only one door that opens, with the hinge either in the centre or to one side. They can also be installed with a “double operator” where both sides can be opened.

Double operator garden doors offer more functionality than most other patio door designs. While most sliding doors only provide a few feet of clearance when opened, the double operator garden door can be opened to nearly six feet.

Folding Glass Wall

No patio doors can compare to the Folding Glass Wall! These doors are designed to completely fold open for a massive amount of light, fresh air, and freedom to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

What’s more, the folding glass wall is designed to stand up to the harsh Canadian environment. These doors are built with patented corner key technology and glazed to create outstanding energy efficiency.

Modern Patio Doors

Our modern patio doors are known for their high quality, strong construction, and the variety of materials that can be used. What’s more, modern patio doors are often equipped with innovative thermal breaks and weather stripping to meet Energy Star requirements and keep your home and family comfortable.

Custom Garden Doors to Dream About

Expand your indoor space out into the yard with new sliding patio doors or French garden doors from the Torwin Team.

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