Bay, bow and greenhouse windows are all made with multiple units of glass, and protrude from the house, creating extra space inside.

Bow and bay windows add a sophisticated touch to a home. However not every window and door supplier has the knowledge and expertise to take on this type of project. Our installers are not sub-contractors, a common factor in this industry that drives down cost at the sacrifice of quality and long-term value for the homeowner. Our installers are key members of the Torwin team, and have accrued many years of experience over a wide range of projects.

Our customers choose Torwin Windows & Doors knowing their bow or bay window project is in competent hands. We understand building code and how to measure structural integrity. We also can offer lots of finishing options including custom aluminum capping options. All this experience enables us to offer you, our customer, the best warranty in the business. View some of our recent projects in our Portfolio.

Learn more about Bay, Bow and Greenhouse Windows

Bow and bay windows are elegant options to open up a room, letting in more light and creating the appearance of more space. A Greenhouse, or Garden, window makes a beautiful and functional addition to the kitchen by providing additional sunlight and ventilation for indoor plants to thrive.

A bay window has three openings, done in angled projections. There is a central window, which is larger than the other two windows on either side. Bay windows protrude farther out from the wall into the exterior space. They are a great way of adding more floor space to a room. With fewer panels than bow windows, they are often not as wide.

A bow window usually has four or five panels, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home. Bow windows can allow more light into the room thanks to their many glass panes. Another interesting feature of the bow window is the ability to wrap around the corner of the home. This creates a unique turret shape on the outside of the home, and an enticing intimate space inside. When standing inside the bow area, you can enjoy views from two separate sides of the home.

Greenhouse windows are both functional and beautiful. They protrude to the outside and they are built on several fixed, casement, and awning units. As a kitchen addition, this custom window provides natural light and space for seedlings and small plants. Depending on the size of window you select, adjustable glass shelves can be installed for your indoor garden.

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